Manufactured Home Buyer’s Guide


Are you ready to purchase a new manufactured home?


  • Whether it’s your first time buying a new home or you’re in need of a refresher on all the changes and new programs available for your next home purchase, Spartan Homes is here to walk you through the entire process, assuring you of the highest quality experience to find the perfect home for your family.


  • Prequalify – Get a no strings attached financial assessment from one of our professional home consultants. This short process will give you the peace of mind of knowing how much home you qualify. This makes the entire process of picking the home that meets your needs and wants very easy,knowing that every home you see can be yours.
  • Items need for prequalification:
    • Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • Most recent check stubs
    • Most recent bank statements
    • Copy of deed if using your land
  • Finding the right Home – Spartans home consultants will tour you through every home that fits your budget while identifying all of its features that meet your needs and wants in your dream home.
  • Purchase Agreement – This is a preliminary commitment to purchase your dream home with the details spelled out in writing, so there are no surprises down the road.
  • Financing – Spartan will help you choose from its many lenders for all types of credit that best fits your situation to give you the absolute best financing options.
  • Closing – Once approved and all the conditions are cleared with the lender of your choice, you will do a simple closing to make you the owner of your new home. Only takes about an hour of your time.
  • Delivery – After the close, a professional licensed installer will review and inspect your home site for delivery. Once the home location is determined, a home pad will be built to prevent any water or moisture from being trapped under your home. The installer will then deliver your home to your site and install it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. A final inspection will be formed by the state regulatory agency to ensure it meets and passes all the requirements.
  • Move into your home! – Once you have viewed and accepted the delivery of your new home. The lender will ask that you call to verify that the home is on your location. Then you will receive your keys to move in and start enjoying your new dream home!